• Ken Yonker

Video Marketing for Real Estate - List Above Trulia, Homes.com, and Others

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Yes, 20-25% of all real estate web searchers are Googling a property address to find more information about a listings they are interested in. Have you ever driven by a home for sale, but didn't want to call the Realtor? What did you do instead? Let's guess, You may have typed in the address or neighborhood on Google? Look for a Zillow link?

Most search engine result pages are typically filled with the national heavy weight who wants to sell your listing leads back to you. At Dream And Dream, we have developed a video marketing strategy designed to get your listing on the first page of Google, seriously. Not only on the first page, but often ranking on the top of the first page with a video!

Screenshot of Real Estate Video Production in a Google Search
Screenshot of Real Estate Video Production in a Google Search

Another unique asset in doing this type of production is the ability to turn it into a pre-roll ad or a Facebook ad. Analytics can come with this marketing tactic too. That's right, you can look at all kinds of demographic information to help you target your leads! Yep, know who's actually watching the home you just listed online from your laptop or cellphone. It's a great step to get your home into a potential buyer with them being able to see you, your name, and your agency.

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