• Ken Yonker

Data You Give Cable Providers

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Last year Spectrum Reach, formerly known as Charter Cable, introduced a new product for it’s advertising customers. For those of us in distribution, it grabbed attention. I first heard about IP address marketing and the benefits of TV Audience Data Marketing back in 2014. I was excited about the concept, but what does it really do?

a person surfing TV with a remote
A person surfing cable TV can reflect online behavior.

Does Cable TV Audience App Data Work?

Well, testing never stops in the world of marketing. Also, depending on the product or service being marketed, one may have to wait a few months to compare results from the TV watcher to those keeping their eyes on Google pre-roll ads or Facebook.

Even though I’m not 100% convinced on the value a cable TV provider may pitch me, I did see an uptick with particular brands that fit certain demographics around higher ticket items. I also so an increase of opportunity for local businesses with niche products. Since you can select Zip Code based markets, you can reach those around your business easily.

The Audience App from Spectrum Reach is a little clunky with it’s UI (user interface), but that will get better as the product grows. Since most service providers already own what goes in and out of every home in America, they can sell advertisers a little of that data for local cable TV easily.

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