Digital Branding Services

Digital Branding services are essential for your business to grow. Our Digital Branding solutions will accomplish up to a 900% increase in your digital footprint. Being seen in the marketplace is the only way to get new leads, obtain new clients and close new sales. We offer three proven services packages to brand yourself or your business. Need something unique, we can offer a custom package tailored to you. Dream & Dream is your complete Digital Branding Service located in Grand Rapids, MI, serving the entire United States.

Digital Branding Services Offered:

• In-Stream Online Video Advertising

• Promoted Videos

• Online Advertising

• Facebook Account Creation

• Facebook Advertising

• Facebook Posts

• Instagram Account Creation

• Instagram Advertising

• Instagram Posts

• Twitter Account Creation

• Twitter Posts (Tweets)

• Snap Chat Account Creation

• Blog Account Creation

• Blog Content Posting

• YouTube Account Creation

• YouTube Video SEO

• YouTube Video Advertising

• Google AdSense Creation

• Google AdSense Advertising


What your project work hours can be used for:

• Collaboration & consultation of your brand

• On location content creation, photographs or video

• Monitoring analytics to maximize brand awareness

• Selecting & purchasing keywords, demographics and placements

• Creation, designing, arrangements, image selection & asset organization

• Email & phone communication with us to help ensure the project is on target


• Yext


• Web Development

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